Annu: A tale of perseverance

Annu's father, an army man returned to his family of four living in Ratwai village of Tonk district in Jaipur. "I'm on holiday," he had said. His leave stretched on, till it became evident to his wife and two daughters that he had no plans of returning to the army. He was constantly ill and... Continue Reading →


“One of the best experiences I have had!”

Reuben Bell, a volunteer from London spent three weeks at Faith-Aalingan Care Home. Read on to find out what he has to say about the experience! My experience with the organization ‘Faith’ in Jaipur India, was a very wonderful and eye opening experience. I have never experienced something so fruitful and enjoyable before. The organization... Continue Reading →

A weekend well spent

Raucous laughter filled the hall, while summer sun beams filtering through the window lit up eager faces, waiting with baited breath for the morning activities to begin. Children of all ages filled the room, in corners, seated on the stairs, a circle within a circle... while visiting Genpact employees mingled with the crowd. Excitement at... Continue Reading →

Our Purpose

  Stigma. It's a frightful word. It's a fearsome reality. It exists in society, like a sore wound that refuses to heal. It festers and spreads, bringing down the superstitious and the educated alike. It echoes of a fear, that has existed since time immemorial. HIV prevalence in India is reported at 0.3%. Doesn't sound... Continue Reading →

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