A weekend well spent

Raucous laughter filled the hall, while summer sun beams filtering through the window lit up eager faces, waiting with baited breath for the morning activities to begin.

Children of all ages filled the room, in corners, seated on the stairs, a circle within a circle… while visiting Genpact employees mingled with the crowd. Excitement at the prospect of the enjoyable interactions was evidently etched upon every single face.

The visit was organised in collaboration with ‘Apne’, a group that calls upon NGOs to determine their needs. These needs may vary from donations in kind to volunteers with specific skill sets. The group specialises in setting up critical connections between the professional world and not-for-profit organisations.

Children at Faith are fond of spending time outdoors and gardening. The group, noticing the enthusiasm had sponsored gardening equipment in order to allow the young ones to learn suitably. Recently, they arranged for Genpact to visit Faith and interact with the children on 10th June, 2017.

The day began with the customary introductions, where each voice announced its name and one thing they like in turn. It was a relatively simple way of putting the kids at ease, and worked brilliantly. Their likes ranged from drawing and painting, dancing and music to cricket and “Chota Bheem.” These were undeniably the hot favourites of majority in the room, children and visitors alike. IMG_1360

What was extremely refreshing to see was the self-confidence and lack of inhibitions the children portrayed during their interactions. They participated with complete enthusiasm in every activity. The visitors in turn started each activity or game with a passion that was infectious and quickly took hold of the children as well. In pairs and trios, the young ones and their guests took center stage at the behest of one who had assumed responsibility of an instructor. Themed activities in groups of 10 or more resulted in performances that ranged from comedy sketches to dance reality shows.

The plays were followed by a jamming session where Shubham of Faith sang to the tunes strummed upon a guitar by a guest. Individuals from Genpact had brought three plants along, and everybody participated in the plantation session in the front lawn. Further, a quick Zumba lesson was also undertaken. The visiting company made sure the children were provided with a holistic experience and interaction session.IMG_1365

Through such amusing activities, individuals from Genpact and members of ‘Apne’ demonstrated certain valuable lessons to the children. They opened up avenues for self-expression and creative exploration. They taught them the underlying principles of teamwork and understanding. A ray of positivity, the interaction proved a fun and engaging way of teaching children valuable lessons of life.


At the end of the day, Faith gifted three paintings made by children of the organisation to the visitors as a token of their appreciation.


It is safe to say both parties enjoyed themselves tremendously, so much so that catching their attention became extremely difficult at times. The visitors provided an invaluable platform for letting go of inhibitions and performing with complete abandon. Spending time with Faith Sansthan and encouraging self-confidence among the children, Saturday proved an experience to cherish and treasure.



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