“One of the best experiences I have had!”

Reuben Bell, a volunteer from London spent three weeks at Faith-Aalingan Care Home. Read on to find out what he has to say about the experience!

My experience with the organization ‘Faith’ in Jaipur India, was a very wonderful and eye opening experience. I have never experienced something so fruitful and enjoyable before. The organization Faith dedicates their work in helping orphans grow up.

Also I stayed with the founder of the organization ‘Smitti’ her family welcomed me into their house as if I was family. I had my own room to stay and some very tasty meals. I had to adapt to a very diverse culture, way of living and this has made me more passionate about helping people.


My time at the orphanage has been one of the best experiences I have had in my life not only trying to create self esteem and positivity for the children I have found out more about my journey path in life.

Once you realize the way individuals live you begin to change your lifestyle and this has changed my whole outlook on life. Working directly with children suffering with HIV has impacted me completely, to see the children being uplifted and smiling was one of my aims throughout my time at Faith.



I would host activities and dance lessons with the children in order to impact their life with positivity the best way I can. The best part of my experience was working with the children and engaging them. You have to realize that these children are human beings no different from anybody else and you have to accept them as the same. The children are very educated, disciplined and work really hard in order to achieve their dreams.IMG_1379

I feel very different from the start of entering India to my last few days in India, my heart has definitely opened up more to people suffering and affected by unforeseen circumstances. Once you go from a big city to a third world country you begin to realize what’s important in life and what the children go through on a daily basis. I would encourage anyone to take part in this lifetime experience because once you work with the children you will realize that we take so much for granted and we should be more appreciative to what we have. I am very fortunate and lucky to have had the chance to take part in such a beautiful experience.


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